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Cuisines of VaranasiThe cultural city of Varanasi is equally famous for the swide variety of food and cuisines available here, making it a food lover’s paradise. These mouthwatering dishes are a delight to the taste buds, as the list of sumptuous and delicious North Indian food goes on & on. Apart from the more traditional dishes, the mouth-watering sweets and 'chatpate' snacks are a must try at Varanasi.

The 'paapri-chaat' is a hot favorite, with its tangy and spicy flavor of ginger and tamarind chutney accompanied by the cooling and soothing yoghurt. a variety of mango available only in summers called 'Langda aam' with its sour and sweet flavor is very popular, and so the fragrant 'Benarasi paan' added with aromatic essences of rose and 'supari' (areca-nut) along with other goodies. The Benarasi paan is popular not only in the city but throughout the country. The traditional food is Satvik or Vegetarian served along with Varanasi’s very own milk and curd-based drinks like thandai and Lassi. There exists a special dish prepared especially during various festivals and rituals.

One of Varanasi’s highlight is the samosa and launglata take after a holy dip in River Ganges from the numerous shops mushrooming on roads and streets nearby. The traditional snack of kachori sold in the old city next to the ghats is also a must try.

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